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TOE (The Outdoor Experience) camp 22/06/2012 - 24/06/2012

This camp is for Scouts and is at Crawfordsburn Scout Centre, from Friday 22nd June to Sunday 24th.

If you haven't already completed a health form then please do so ASAP - these are now very overdue. 
The form can be downloaded here.  Completed forms need to be sent to Kingsley - get in contact to arrange.
The links section of our website also has an entry for the main TOE webpage which will provide more info on the camp.

Scouts should be left to Crawfordsburn Scout Centre on the Friday at 7:00pm, and can be picked up again on the Sunday at 2:00pm.

Should the need arise, parents can contact Kingsley or Heather on their mobiles throughout the camp.

Below is a suggested kit list:

-Full Uniform (noting that dark blue/black tracksuit bottoms are OK)  [please arrive wearing top half uniform]
-Shirts/tee shirts
-Nightwear (Tee shirt and shorts are best in summer)
-Shorts/trousers (at least 1 pair not jeans)
-Jumper/jacket/fleece (Even summer evenings can be cool)
-Waterproof jacket (with a hood) (Trousers optional)
-Boots or strong shoes
-Gloves, hat
-Old trainers, trousers and tee shirts that can get wet during water activities

-Sleeping bag (outdoor bag essential - an indoor bag will not be warm enough)
-Roll mat (foam) or 'Therma-rest' to sleep on (We have a few spare - please call one of the leaders if you need to borrow one)

-No frm requirement because event catered centrally, but a mug may be useful

-Large towel for washing and drying off after wtare activities/swimming
-Flannel, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste
-Personal hygiene products as required

-Sun cream is an essential item.  Being outdoors all day will mean protection from the sun is a likely requirement even in overcast conditions.

-Personal medication can be kept by each boy, however the details need to be noted on the permission form.
 Alternatively medication can be left with the leaders for them to control administration during the camp - if doing this then only enough medication for the duration of the camp should be supplied.  The details need to be recorded on the permission form, but in addition clear written instructions need to be handed to a leader, and the details discussed to ensure that all requirements are captured appropriately.
-Every scout should have basic first aid items packed with them, e.g. plasters & anti-septic cream.

-Foldable chair.... if any scouts own a camping style foldable chair then please bring it
-Plastic bags and/or bin bags (used for general storage, e.g. wet clothes)
-Torch + spare batteries
-Water bottle
-Small bag (daysack) which can be used for carrying a change of clothes, towel and lunch when going offsite.
-Snacks - it is OK to bring biscuits, drinks etc. (but drinks other than water are NOT allowed in the sleeping compartments of the tents)
-Money.  There will be a charity fair on the Sunday, so it would be a good idea for each scout to bring a few pounds to buy tickets for the various stalls.

-All personal possessions are the responsibility of the scouts.  Due to the high risk of damage it is recommended that nothing valuable is brought to camp (e.g. handheld computer games).
-Nothing flammable is to be brought.  There is no need for matches or lighter fluid etc. - any such items will be confiscated and may not be returned (if they are too dangerous to be stored they will be destroyed)
-If parents are packing their sons bags then we would ask that the scouts at least see what is being sent with them - all too often items are lost because the scout didn't even know what they had to begin with!!